New Upcoming Features of WhatsApp [Updated Aug 2020]

Jay, 2020-08-06

WhatsApp is very lazy in releasing the features compare to Telegram, WeChat, etc. But there are some fantastic new upcoming features which WhatsApp is releasing in 2019/20 will be awesome and might be very helpful for businesses.

We are still not 100% sure about the release dates for any of the features, but these features might be available in upcoming updates from the WhatsApp.

Quick Links:

  1. WhatsApp Product Catalogue
  2. WhatsApp Pay
  3. Multi-Agent Platform
  4. Dark Mode / Night Mode
  5. WhatsApp Business API
  6. QR Code
  7. Ads on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Product Catalogue

First of all, as per the announcement from Facebook Team on F8 2019, this feature will be available to WhatsApp Business App users only. A WhatsApp Business app users will now be able to showcase all their products on the WhatsApp platform that don't own any website. Even the eCommerce site owners can list their products on WhatsApp to generate extra inquiries/sales on WhatsApp.

This feature can be beneficial for small and medium businesses to communicate with their users or customers directly on the messaging platform instead of using a website to sell their products. Regular users will be able to view the product catalogs of businesses directly inside the chat window without requiring to visit a website.

PS. If you are looking for WhatsApp Store feature with advanced catalog management and order taking system on WhatsApp, try store feature on Vepaar.

WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp Pay feature will be the game-changing feature for all of the upcoming updates. Though there is news that this feature will be rolling out in India first but whether and when WhatsApp Pay will be rolling out worldwide is unsure.

With this feature, WhatsApp will lead in the race from Telegram, Viber, and other messaging apps which still not having have this feature. For WhatsApp, WhatsApp Pay is a huge priority and was an essential part of Mark Zuckerberg's F8 keynote.

Multi-Agent Platform

Almost all WhatsApp Business app users are waiting badly for this feature, and finally, WhatsApp is planning something with this feature. WhatsApp will soon be releasing this feature to allow to use the same WhatsApp account on more devices, at the same time!

Using the new multi-platform system, you will be able to use:

  • Your main WhatsApp account on iPad without uninstalling it from your iPhone
  • The same WhatsApp accountΒ on Android and iOS devices or devices having the same OS.
  • WhatsApp on your computer, even without an Internet connection on your phone using the UWP app.

With that said, you can use the same WhatsApp in 2 different phones and computers at the same time even if your phone is in a different location or without internet connectivity.

For Windows users, no need to keep the phone connected to the Internet. They can use the UWP app on their computer. For Mac OS users, there is no news yet, so for the time being, WhatsApp Web is the only possible option.

This new system is currently under development, and there is no ETA. Messages should be still saved on your phone but synced from the apps probably.

You can see the tweet from WABetaInfo regarding multi-agent platform on WhatsApp,

Dark Mode / Night Mode

This feature has two decisive advantages for the user:

  • Suitable for the eyes, especially in the evening and at night
  • Energy-saving for the device

Screenshot of Night Mode for Android from WABetaInfo:

In 2019, we can see the trend for Dark Mode feature in any apps. Even apps like Facebook Messenger, Edge, Firefox, Google Calendar, Slack, Amazon Kindle App, Gboard, Google Keep, Google News, Reddit, and many more.

Many WhatsApp users have long been waiting for dark mode, but the wait is now almost over. As per the latest updates from WABetainfo, it's not a dark mode on Android, but it's a "Night Mode" (so it's not OLED friendly). It is partially OLED friendly on iOS. As they are very active and accurate with the prediction for WhatsApp releases, you can check below their latest tweet.

WhatsApp Business API

For small, medium, and even large businesses, the WhatsApp Business API powers your communication with customers all over the world. You can connect with your customers on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.

It is in limited public preview and not available to the all yet; still, you can apply via WhatsApp Business API Providers on the Facebook business page.

WhatsApp Business API can be helpful for below use cases.

  • Alerts and Notifications Use WhatsApp messaging API to reliably send critical messages from flight notifications to any booking confirmation and delivery alert.

  • Customer Support Enable support and sales teams to answer product or customer service queries using your customers' preferred and easy to use the WhatsApp messaging app.

  • User Verification and 2FA Best way to protect your customer accounts using WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption with secure, fast message delivery for authentication.

Many startups started using WhatsApp Business API like, MakeMyTrip, Uber, Wish, Singapore Airlines, Melia Hotels, Bank BRI, Sale Stock, Cred, and many more.

QR Code

Adding a new contact in WhatsApp is always a lengthy and annoying process. WhatsApp wants to make it easier to add new contacts with one step instead of several. That's why each user gets their QR code with this update, which can be scanned by other users to add them to their phone contacts.

WhatsApp was first spotted with QR Code feature last November, but the feature never rolled out on the stable version.

As per the tweet by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a QR Code shortcut on its beta app for Android. This feature is however not visible for WhatsApp beta users as yet. Also, there isn't any certainty if WhatsApp will release it in the future.

Each WhatsApp account will be assigned a unique QR Code. When you scan the QR Code of another contact, that contact will be added to your WhatsApp contacts list. It will be essential for users to add quick contacts on their WhatsApp. Users will also be allowed to remove the QR Code if they don't require it.

Ads on WhatsApp

People are always wondering like how WhatsApp is making money. As per their recent announcement, FB is planning to launch ads on Whatsapp to monetize it.

WhatsApp plans to saw ads on its Stories status feature. With the expectation to be launched in 2019, and now it has been announced at the Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam that the status ads will come in 2020.

Just like Instagram stories, users will be able to swipe up to visit the ad or any embedded link.

If you are looking for some advanced features on WhatsApp Web, you can check detailed features comparison between WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Business vs. Vepaar.

There are other features which are also in a queue, but we have included the features which seems more valuable and useful.

Do share your thoughts on comments and let us know if you are looking for any unique feature on WhatsApp.

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