Top WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns [2020]

Jay, 2020-09-27

WhatsApp has become a very common word and a casual synonym for quick personalized conversations with anyone, anytime anywhere. With 1.3 billion users across the longitude and the latitude of the world, WhatsApp has reshaped the day to day chats for people of all generation.

Since the inception of WhatsApp, it has acquired a varied array of users, one of the most recent one being businesses may find it as big as KFC or Running your Cakeshop. WhatsApp has proved a be wizard's wand for these businesses in promoting their products and services with less investment and higher returns.

Many companies are already using, a few mentioned below:

  • The Hellmann's WhatsApp Campaign [WhatsCook]
  • Livon - India's Next Top Model Season 2 Campaign
  • The Absolut Unique Access Marketing Campaign
  • The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) WhatsApp Election Campaign
  • Sunfeast Marie Light Selfie Contest
  • Yoox WhatsApp Personal Shopping

A) The Hellmann's WhatsApp Campaign [WhatsCook]

Hellmann is a well-known Mayonnaise brand and they tried one of the best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign in 2014 in Brazil. It was the best synchronized WhatsApp marketing campaigns one would have ever seen. Users were acquired through a unique WhatsCook website setup by Hellmann's. Users just had to enter their phone number and by doing so, they opt-in to the WhatsApp campaign.

The Challenge Hellmann's wanted to inspire new uses of mayonnaise as a cooking ingredient. But even with thousands of ways to learn new recipes, most people don't know what to cook with the ingredients they already have.

The Idea A solution that was already in everyone’s hands. A one to one, real-time service via WhatsApp* that connected people to real chefs, who were prepared to teach how to cook using exactly what people had at home.

*the most used mobile app in Brazil present in 79% of smartphones.

User will receive a personalized message through WhatsApp from a human chef. The chef prompts them to upload a picture of the ingredients they have on hand. Then proceeds to advise what they can cook with those leftover ingredients together with Hellmann's.

What more could you ask for when you have your personalized chef at Hand :) ( And this chef doesn't nag) LOL 😂

The Result

Firstly launched in Brazil, the project was rolled out to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay.


We can shout out that it was a huge success when Unilever presented this WhatsApp campaign at the SM2 conference. The brand prompted 4 million people to visit the WhatsCook website through various channels. This resulted in 13 thousand people registering on the site. What more declares success than this!

The astonishing metric of the campaign was that wannabe chefs from around the world spent 65 mins on average interacting with the real chef. Now that's a success, which not only created excellent brand value but reachability.

Video URL:

B) Livon India’s Next Top Model Season 2

Livon India came up with a creative campaign for the wild card entries on MTV's famous TV show "India's Next Top Model Season 2" in 2016.

The Challenge Brands are already invested and even investing to do some crazy unique things in Marketing which can create outstanding buzz. And Livon wants to try something cool with their TV Show on MTV. They want to have wild card entry of the models all over India. The challenge is how they can get that easily and get maximum participation from the models.

The Idea They came up with the best platform WhatsApp, which is almost having in every single smartphone in India. Models can send their selfies to a WhatsApp number promoted a pack of Serum and also on other marketing channels. The concept goes viral, and models all over India started sending their best selfies to participate.

The Result Now again, the question is, did it succeeded? And again the answer is YES 😎 Check out how did they promotion on television and YouTube.

Livon - India's Next Top Model Season 2

They get thousands of entries to participate, they choose the wild card entry from them, and it was a very successful experiment.

C) The Absolut Unique Access WhatsApp Campaign

In 2013, For the promotion of limited-edition vodka bottles, Absolut tried the creative campaign on WhatsApp.

The Challenge What do you do when you're an alcohol company and you need to promote? Selling samples in the store and on the pathway is a usual way.

The Idea But NO...! Absolut did something absolutely amazing. They threw a party! The company invited A-list celebrities and reserved 2 tickets for the winners of their WhatsApp marketing campaign.

You might thing will that campaign really work? Hell Yes! It was the most amazing WhatsApp campaign which later has become the de facto standard for most WhatsApp marketing campaigns ever since!

However, Absolut did play it simple for a customer to get tickets. The brand created a Facebook Campaign that let users know about the party and how they could score some tickets. They smartly used The Facebook campaign, which directed users to add sevens number to their contacts and message him on WhatsApp for user acquisition.

Now the most fantastic part, the users had to convince the bouncer to get the tickets to enter! How did they do that? Watch the video below to find out.

The Result With this amazingly absolute 3-day campaign, they could get over 600 users. And it generated more than 1000 images, videos, and voice messages.

The campaign effectively engaged with the Argentina community and created a huge buzz trend in itself, without any extra efforts. Now that's a campaign!

D) The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) WhatsApp Election Campaign

You can tell that WhatsApp marketing is on fire when Indian Politics uses it to promote themselves. India is known for its democracy and what can be better than reaching out to Indians in WhatsApp, which in real sense declare the Right to Expression (in a good way of course 😅)

The Challenge As mentioned early WhatsApp has enormous capabilities to reach out to an individual, especially during the election day. The concept is quite simple, collect voter phones numbers, which a political party probably already has and then broadcast to them. Sounds easy right?

It is not as easy as it sounds. WhatsApp Business API gives accessibility only to huge brands, so the only choice is to use WhatsApp BusinessApp. Remember that WhatsApp Business App is limited to 256 contacts per broadcast group. That is a lot of groups for a country of 1 billion-plus 😮 If there was ever a story that highlighted the need for WhatsApp marketing software, it's this one.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and Amit Shah

The Idea They use about 900,000 cell phone pramukhs – party volunteers that man polling stations, to add potential voters to broadcast groups. These volunteers are then tasked to send our party election materials over these groups.

Although it sounds like cosmic chaos waiting to happen, with enough and right manpower, it is simple. Using forwards and broadcast groups, you'll be able to forward any message in just three forwards to all the pramukhs. Let's do the math here, the person accountable for creating the content can forward to a group of 256 provincial nodes; further, each of those 256 can forward to 256 regional nodes. Then each of those regional nodes can forward to 256 polling stations.

256 x 256 x 256 = 16,777,216. 😱

Just like that you've got more than enough freeway to reach a pramukh at each polling station with three forwards. Then they can forward it further to constituents.

An article in TOI quoted detailing one of these pramukhs. According to Inuth, Dipak Pas – a BJP Social Media Convenor manages to create 1,124 WhatsApp groups in the state of Kolkata. He claims to have helped the party reach corners of India where social media is a silent weapon.

The Result We can say that now as the BJP is leading and winning again in recent elections.

In the meantime, there has been quite a lot of reporting on the topic and even a reaction from WhatsApp.

Carl Woog, head of communications for WhatsApp has expressed a concern that political parties are attempting to use WhatsApp in a way which is not intended, which has further lead to spread of misinformation. Which now has lead WhatsApp to set up a Checkpoint.

E) Marie Light - Chance to Win TV WhatsApp Campaign

The Challenge ITC which is India's biggest company with a large number of brands. One of their well-known brand, Sunfeast Marie Light, is a medium-range biscuit segment. They want to do some creative campaign to boost the sales of this biscuit in India.

The Idea To achieve the target they have printed the advertisement on biscuit wrapper itself. With that said, they reach every consumer who sees this new wrapper on shop, stores, or malls. They advertise like the user has to purchase the biscuit, send the selfie with biscuit to brand's WhatsApp number to win the 42 Inch LED TV.

Check this video how they promoted.

Sunfeast Marie Light TV Promo

The Result ITC get the serious boost on their sales for Sunfeast Marie Light biscuit after this campaign though there aren't any specific numbers declared from the ITC. But again you can imagine the creativity of the marketers how they can change the game by using WhatsApp as a marketing channel.

F) YOOX Personifies Shopping using WhatsApp

WhatsApp has unexplored and limitless marketing options for business, which means you don't necessarily have to run a campaign. YOOX came up with the new idea to focused on VIPs and EIPs than the mass.

The Challenge YOOX noticed that their personal shopping team was regularly using their personal WhatsApp account to communicate with customers. Moreover, customers of the personal shopping found it much more convenient than login to the YOOX app and preferred to receive products suggestions and complete transactions through WhatsApp instead.

The Idea Here is how YOOX did it. YOOX team uses WhatsApp to connect everything essential for the customer experience. Members from the personal shopping team can communicate with their clients, and clients can confirm purchases directly through WhatsApp and notifications about shipping are piped in as well. This creates a one-stop window for customers.

The Result Well, indeed it was! YOOX sales member reported that they were even able to sell something as high as €80,000 item over WhatsApp!!! Now that's what we call trust with comfort :) The parent company Net-a-Porter is trying to real in the existing customer to raise the revenue now that's smart.

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