WhatsApp Commerce - New Marketplace for the New Normal

Jay, 2020-07-02

The ‘New Normal’ has become a common word since this March, ever since COVID-19 has engulfed the whole world.

The ‘New Normal’ has become a common word since this March, ever since COVID-19 has engulfed the whole world. The world is currently struggling to come to terms with an unprecedented situation that it has slipped into, and at least the coming few months are times of great uncertainty. The business world is poised to see several disruptions in the way it operates, and one of the most important among them is the greater reliance on online channels to reach customers. In this context, WhatsApp Commerce is poised to be a major game-changer for enterprises that adopt its use, as it has all the ingredients to emerge as a major revenue-raker in the post-COVID era. Here’s why:

Taking your store to the smartphone

A growing number of purchases, especially by millennials, tend to be made over the smartphone. And therefore, the importance of having an e-store for your business is rising steadily. The WhatsApp e-store allows you to create an e-store, using which your customers can browse through the available products, place orders, make payments, and obtain receipts. Thus, the smallest of businesses can now have their own e-store. But in fact, this feature goes beyond helping your business go mobile, this is your business getting on to your target customer’s chat application, in fact the most used chat application. Thus, the frequency of engagement and also its depth is bound to be much higher.

Virtual Shopping Assistance

Have you stepped inside a retail outlet to explore what is on sale, immediately to be greeted by a sales executive with ‘May I help you Sir/Ma’am?’ and found it to be an unnecessary intrusion into your shopping experience? Why won’t they just let you wander around in the store, look at what is available for sale, and buy whatever you like? Conversely, have you wandered around in a crowded store which is offering a festive sale, and you are struggling to locate where exactly are the things you want to buy, and wished there was someone to help you?

WhatsApp Chat allows you to ensure a judicious level of assistance to your customer while they shop on your e-store. Using the feature, customers may place requests for products, enquire about their availability, or seek information and guidance regarding what products to buy. Thus, while customers can browse around freely in the WhatsApp Store, it is only if they feel the need to have the assistance that you interfere in their shopping experience. This ensures two things:

  • if a customer is confused about whether to buy a product or not, you would be able to clear his confusion, and if necessary, suggest an alternative product that better meets his need. This is therefore bound to increase the chances of the sale going through.
  • By not interfering in their shopping experience without assistance being asked for, you enable them to casually browse around the WhatsApp store, ensuring the possibility of impromptu virtual window-shopping happening, something that to a bigger cart size.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is not just a tech-system, it is an organizational attitude. By using the WhatsApp CRM product by Vepaar, you would be able to create customer profiles, assess their preferences, predict demand for products, monitor stock levels of products, and so on. This will ensure that your target customer is able to find the products that they are looking for and also ensure their availability at the time when he or she wishes to place an order. You could also manage the content that you generate via WhatsApp communication, be it your contacts, messages, or media, by applying tags to them. Such categorization can help in engaging in direct marketing campaigns over WhatsApp, which would have a high conversion rate.

As seen above, setting up a digital store on WhatsApp could help your business go that extra in reaching your target customers. Not only is it a cost-friendly avenue of marketing your offerings, but it is also sure to help your business achieve a considerable percentage increase in terms of top-line growth.

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