10 Things to Make for Extra Money

BYKaushal Gajjar,


This pandemic taught us not to rely on just one source of revenue. You are one step away from poverty. In such times, what can be done? Should you do a side hustle?

Can you create things to make for extra money?

As per renowned industry leader Dave Ramsey,

The worst thing we can do is get a second job.

The best thing we can do is to start a home-based business.”

Gone are the days, when people would get lured to industry-made products. This is the era of customer-centric homemade stuff. There is a huge scope for these crafty products in the current market. The world of e-commerce has opened the doors to home-based businesses. Now more and more people opt for the personal touch, handmade goods.

With this arrangement, now your passions can be turned into successful professions. Isn’t that amazing? 

Let’s bring out your inner business spirit and start adding zeros to your income. 

For your understanding and assistance, we have compiled a list of 10 kickass home-based goods that can turn into a source of profitable business. They are easy to make, unique, and sustainable products.

1. Home-made exotic chocolates/ cakes/ sweets/ meals

Do you love cooking? And you are a passionate chocolate maker at home? Let’s turn your dessert-making passion into a full-fledged home-based business.

  • Make note of the chocolate flavors to which you are going to cater.
  • Get all your equipment like chocolate molds, butter, syrups, refrigerators, heating pan, and such tools in place.
  • Don’t forget to present your chocolates well. Wrap these fresh chocolates into different colorful foiled paper.

 Note: same can be done for customized theme cakes, sweets, and meals.

2. Stylish Crochet hand-made bags

Crocheting is back into fashion now. If you love to crochet, then it’s the best time to switch your hobby into a money-making gig. Certain pointers to make note of:

  • Use modern patterns mostly. Seek guidelines from crocheting books or ebooks. Don’t opt for vintage ones.
  • Create high-quality and attractive-looking purses. Work with different color schemes, leather, pearls, and other materials.
  • Please don’t copy others’ designs. It will degrade your reputation.

3. Aromatic, scented candles

Candles are a significant part of home decor. They are dazzling and unique, easy to make, and full of essential oils.

Some essential pointers to take into consideration:

  • Before you start the candle-making process, see to it that you have a crystal clear, smooth surface to work on. 
  • Pour the wax into a double-boiler utensil only.
  • Once the wax is melted, keep the fragrances and other essential oils required.
  • You can put dried petals or crushed crayons to make it appear more decorative.

4. Hand-made organic soaps

People have now understood the effects of hazardous chemicals kept in the cosmetic products manufacturing process. Massive importance is given to homemade cosmetics nowadays. So why not seize this opportunity and create homemade soaps which are completely organic.

  • Who is your target audience? What flavors do they like the most? Decide your niche market.
  • Get the basic soap bases from the market. Collect aloe vera, amla, sandalwood, and such flavoring ingredients.
  • Wrap these soaps in plastic to increase their durability.
  • Presentation matters most in such home-based businesses. 

5. Handmade exclusive, aesthetic jewellery

People often opt for handmade jewellery these days because the designs are extremely intricate and uniquely made. You won’t find them in local shops.

The materials that can be used are artificial gemstones, stones, beads, pearls, handmade polymer beads, and gum. 

This business offers a high level of flexibility, is easy to carry, and has less initial investment. Make it look aesthetic and elegant.

6. Fluffy handmade pillow/ pillow-covers

Who doesn’t like soft, fluffy, and smooth pillows? Handmade cushions are in much demand nowadays. Get materials like feathers, sponge, cotton clothes, scissors, threads, fabric glues, and cards on hand. It’s super easy to sew pillows and their covers. Look at various magazines to get amazing ideas. Get a hand on it and thrive in your home business.

7. Amazing fabric-made keychains

Without a keychain, wouldn’t most of us lose our keys? On top of it, the search volume on Amazon is around 67000 plus. Thus, making it a top priority business. 

Do it yourself keychains require materials like fabric cloths, buttons, threads, ribbons, crayons, and some fabric glue. It’s easy to create and requires very little initial investment. These crafts are bright, utility-based, stylish, and decorative. Make them in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

8. Plants and gardening business

Are you a nature adorer? Like gardening? Turn this hobby into the planting and flower business. Search for the exclusive flowers which are in demand. Get their saplings, nurture them, provide necessary sunlight and water, and finally sell. 

9. Customized mugs

If you have a firm hand in glass painting, and ceramics; why not use them on mugs and make them customizable. How wonderful it is when one sees mugs that portray their personality! There are people who are churning out $1 lakhs annually from this lucrative business. Isn’t that fantastic? Be it in your home or your own office, this customized mug is set to steal the show. 

10. Youtube videos/ ebooks/ courses and illustrations

This is the creator economy. Creators are the latest solopreneurs ruling the economy. Youtube has provided employment to lakhs of Indians. YouTubers have earned crores. You don’t need a huge investment here. Just a tripod, mike, and a phone. Start clicking your videos as per a particular target audience and win hearts with amazing and authentic content. Can be videos for subjects teaching, skills learning, dancing, acting or cooking and so on.

Similarly, you can write an ebook with your laptop and list it on amazon. Influencers like Ankur Warikoo, have earned millions by selling ebooks. The same goes for the curation of cohort-based courses. 

So, guys! 

What are you waiting for?

Start your online home-based business soon!

Create these amazing, attractive products, and list them on Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify. Don’t forget to advertise them on social media sites and start selling.