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Insightful Dashboard & Orders

The Perfect Dashboard to Manage Everything

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Everything you need to Sell Online

Under the ‘Store’ section, you can use countless features, all of which help you manage your business easily.


Create any or all of the three products - simple, variable, and digital.


Design your product catalog with as many categories as you wish to create.


Easily make customized badges so that a particular product can stand out


Set up Taxes, Bulk Order Fees, Gift Wrapping or any other charges as per requirements.


Keep track of your stock and modify the product quantity easily.


Mention the areas you provide delivery services along with the delivery price.

Sell Digital Products

  • E-Books, Audio, Software, Media, etc

    Your online store on Vepaar isn’t just confined to selling physical commodities. There is a huge market for digital products, and Vepaar allows you to capitalize on it.

  • Customize checkout for Products

    With these customisations, you will have complete control on your checkout form. Enable or Disable the fields that you want to show/hide in checkout.

Create Variable Products

  • Product Variants

    Make several product variants while opting to alter the product variables as per your choice. Choose to control stock, price, image, etc., and come up with variations just as you want.

  • Create Custom Attributes

    Every product has a number of attributes that you can customize with Vepaar. Name the attribute and select the values as per your need.

Checkout Customization and Add-ons

  • Checkout Add-ons

    Many products require gift-wrapping or writing a small message. These add-on features can be used to avail of these extra services that the business has to offer.

  • Authenticating User through WhatsApp

    For a quicker checkout, Vepaar allows your clients to place an order via WhatsApp. A short authentication process needs to be followed for this step, and you’re all set.

Use Discount Coupons to Increase Sales

  • Coupon Management

    Create, describe and manage coupon codes for your customers. Enable or disable your coupon codes at any time you want.

  • User Restriction and Usage Limits

    Clearly state the minimum and maximum discount amounts. Choose whether or not to display the coupon on your store. You can also put a usage limit on each coupon.

Payment Integrations to make Vepaar transactions smoother than ever!

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