Vepaar Vs Dukaan - Which is Best to Boost Online Business

BYKhushali Vyas,


Vepaar Vs Dukaan

Over the years, when it comes to making decisions on which software Vepaar Vs Dukaan to use in boosting your online business, there has always been a battle between choosing the best. While some think Vepaar (previously known as Whatshash)  is better and more efficient, especially with the extension, others think otherwise, making them choose preference in Dukaan for the multiple store templates.

It is of utmost necessity to pay attention to every necessary detail when it comes to setting up a shop or so-called “store” online that can easily reach all your users on all platforms with ease.

The difference between this software is quite significant and I’m sure that’s why you’re here, in order to know which will suit your needs perfectly. Let me work you through the head-to-head comparison of both softwares.

Before I start I want you to understand that I have used and tested this software for over 6 months and in this article, I wouldn’t be biased in any way. Stand-out features will be mentioned and similarities will be talked about.

Vepaar Vs Dukaan: Site Speed

I decided to start with site speed because it’s one of the features that will decide your upcoming customer’s faith, imagine a customer entering a store that loads completely under 30sec that’s enough time to send a tesla to the moon, and land back, lolz just kidding. 

But that’s too much and we did a comparison of both Vepaar and Dukaan and I’m happy to inform you they both nailed it and the result and difference are so clear. 

This result shows that the Vepaar website loads complete in 1.9sec and the Dukaan loads complete in 4.7sec. To be honest that’s something. And the same happens to the store generated from this software. Vepaar won this with a big gap.

Vepaar Vs Dukaan: Store Theme and Interface

Criteria that make a good store include good user experience, fast loading website, good user interface, higher conversion rate, and many more. 

Based on many tests we came to the conclusion that both platforms have very good interfaces and Vepaar recently upgraded their user’s store view.

But with the multiple store theme selections and modifications in Dukaan (Not Free), we can say Dukaan has a slight edge over Vepaar.

Although the Vepaar team releasing multiple features and Unique designs, it is possible that Vepaar meet up with Dukaan on this section very soon.

Vepaar Vs Dukaan: Payment Gateways

I was so surprised to see the very big difference between the two software here, Vepaar beat Dukaan hand down here because it has 9 payments modes (Stripe, Paypal, Flutterwave, Paystack, Razorpay, Paytm, Poli, Midtrans, Pay on delivery) which gave the app big edge and win in Africa parts of the world as only 20-30% entrepreneur from Africa can get a stripe.

Dukaan on the other hand only has 3 payment modes, that’s quite unfortunate as people from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and many parts of Africa can’t use Stripe & Paypal payment methods.

Just because of this, Vepaar wins hands down.

Vepaar Vs Dukaan: Availability on Stores

During the research, we decide not to leave a bush untouched by checking app and software stores to see how Vepaar and Dukaan are doing. 

On Playstore, Dukaan has millions of downloads with no single rating showing up yet. Vepaar is still on thousands of downloads with thousands of Reviews on the apps from users.

On the Apple Store, they are both doing fine with good reviews from users, although Dukaan has more reviews than Vepaar, I think that is worth mentioning. 

On the Chrome Web Store, I wasn’t that surprised to see only Vepaar on the marketplace. The best of Vepaar CRM on WhatsApp is on the extension and the tool is so helpful for making work easy and fast.

It features Quick Replies with dynamic functions no one has ever seen, Poll features, Chat Autosaving, and many more.

This section winner goes to Vepaar with just a slide because of the extension but Dukaan has 2 apps on the play store (Bingo).

Vepaar Vs Dukaan: Polls

Having the ability to run surveys and know what to work on is one of the features featured on Vepaar and you can take advantage of that, you will even get to know the location, Name, Phone number, or the voters in Vepaar.

Dukaan did not support this feature as of the moment I’m writing this review. So For this section, Vepaar wins again.

Vepaar Vs Dukaan: CRM

The Vepaar CRM ability really makes it the best out of its fellow competitors, It gives you the opportunity to complete transactions with customers on WhatsApp without going to your store or leaving the page.

And all data which includes chats, sales records, transaction receipts, Quick replies usage, contacts, and many more will be sent back to the Vepaar web just for you without any complication. 

There’s something called Dynamic Replies I use and it stands out, these features automatically put in user name address, etc in a message I’m sending them via quick replies.

And the quick replies can be sent out with one click. Such features are not on Dukaan and that makes Vepaar win.

Final Verdict.

For the past few minutes you’ve been reading about different features each of these software has, but to be honest they’re both good in their ways.

Here are my final thoughts: if you’re looking for a store that will give you the ability to modify your store, change the theme, create promotional designs, and more, go for Dukaan.

But if you want a Higher conversion rate, Automatic sales, Digital product selling and hosting, polls, Multiple payment gateways, and much more kindly go for Vepaar.