WhatsHash is now Vepaar.



Why change our name?

WhatsHash was initially created to be a WhatsApp bot when chat bots were trending and APIs were nonexistent. Today, Vepaar is a powerful suite of tools that help small businesses succeed online using WhatsApp.

  • Create business page
  • Create an online store in minutes and sell on WhatsApp
  • Collect payments with popular payment gateways
  • CRM & Customer support tools
  • Create polls on WhatsApp
  • Collect feedback to make better data-driven decision

All these features, without spending huge amount of money on setting up online infra to run a business.

Why Vepaar?

Vepaar(Ve·paa·r) is a Gujarati Word (વેપાર) which means Business. Gujaratis are well known for their business skills and hence we feel the brand name justifies 😊. Our name catches up with the mission we have — helping small & medium businesses all over the world to take their business online.

Our name has changed, and so logo. The new multi-color icon indicates diversity and the checkmark says — get things done!

Our mission remains the same. We're still making — and always will be making — business work and scale without hurdles.

What changes for me as a customer?

Nothing. We're just changing the brand name and a logo. You can access your exact same account via vepaar.com, using your same email and password. You won't need a new account. We will be redirecting all our users from whatshash.com to vepaar.com. Your accounts, apps, features, and subscription pricing will remain the same.

We're humbled that thousands of you already rely on us to help you lead your businesses. We can't wait to bring the next millions of you with us as we continue to build a new way of doing a business.