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Easily Assess & Manage

Your Business Activities On WhatsApp

Our dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of your business metrics. You can also get a glimpse of your leads anytime, anywhere

Remarkable features WhatsApp has to offer

Vepaar has come up with a good number of features that allow you to turn WhatsApp from a typical messaging app into your business partner.

Sales Funnel

With our elite Sales Funnel feature, you can now turn your leads into customers with ease.


This option helps you organize and manage your contacts and messages with tags/labels.

Build Customer Profile

Keep a record of the usual customer information and do more by pushing those leads to your CRM via our integrations.

Ticket Management

Addressing customer grievances has been made more straightforward than ever. Manage your customer tickets easily and ensure seamless customer support.

Bulk Import/Export

Import or Export contacts and customer data via Excel. Update the data in bulk and even export tickets’ data.

Chrome Extension

Generate more leads by drawing out contacts and other essential data from WhatsApp.

Leverage WhatsApp To Create Customer Profiles

  • Save Essential Customer Information

    Our idea of building customer profiles involves saving the basic and crucial customer data for future use.

  • Sync Leads with Other CRMs

    If you decide to utilize more than one CRM software, Vepaar allows you to sync all your leads with the other software with great ease.

Record Sales Activities While Chatting On WhatsApp

  • Take Notes

    Several things go through your mind while talking to a lead on WhatsApp. The good thing is you don’t need to remember all the information, as you can simply take down and save notes for future use.

  • Record Activity

    Even while texting your customers on WhatsApp, you have the luxury of recording their activities quickly.

Saving Messages And Media From WhatsApp

  • Save Essential Text Messages

    Store and retrieve important text as well as media messages safely. Categorize your customers by creating and assigning tags like Contact, Message, Media, and Broadcast.

  • Save Video, Audio, and PDFs

    Not just text messages, Vepaar enables you to save any form of conversation with your clients. These saved files and media come in handy while reviewing past conversations.

Auto Sync Chats From WhatsApp

  • Sync Your WhatsApp Chats

    You can easily synchronize chats with Vepaar’s web extension. Thanks to this feature, you can sync all your conversations with any person or a group without doing it yourself.

  • Export Synced Chats

    Once your chats and messages are automatically synced, you also have the option to export them.

Vepaar Chrome Extension is Integrated with Business Apps you use every day.

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The best CRM for WhatsApp

Vepaar helps take your business to the next level by automating many aspects of your business workflow with CRM-like features. We allow you to build customer profiles, send customized replies, save media, conduct polls on WhatsApp, start your online business, and a lot more.